Mema Tsachaki

I was born in Athens, but I am originally from Crete. For as long as I can remember, since 4 years old, I have always been in a ballroom, doing classical ballet and modern dance.Movement has always been a way for me to take care of my body and mind and to tune in to my needs. So, I got a degree in ISTD Modern and Modern Choreography.

Along with dancing and my studies at the Athens University of Economics and Business (Management Science and Technology), athletics also won me over, a reference point in my athletic career, as without it I would not have been introduced to Pilates. An injury during a training led me to a Pilates studio for rehabilitation. Unexpectedly, Pilates’s kinesiology as a method of healing and its holistic philosophy inspired me to delve deeper. Then I understood what I wanted to do more than anything else: to teach and pass on all this valuable information.

Today, having been certified as a Pilates instructor by the Balanced Body NYC and with 13 years of experience, I can say with certainty that knowledge is power, and movement is medicine. My need to become better, however, urged me to continue my training with fitness coaching, the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems (Clinical Pilates) and Pilates during pregnancy and after childbirth (Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates). My great passion, however, is the choreographed Pilates (Pilates Choreo), a reflection of my experience as a dancer and Pilates lover, which you will have the chance to try exclusively at the mema Pilates studio.

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