Classical Pilates

Classic Pilates involves the exact exercises that were developed by Joseph Pilates almost a
century ago. Today, keeping the original “partnership” of body and mind that he wanted to explore, unchanged, the classic Pilates is taught autonomously or skillfully mixed with other
methods or additions of exercises.

Focusing on the “core” or powerhouse, timeless exercises cultivate strength, coordination,
flexibility and balance by setting new standards for the body, but also the quality of your daily

The original version of Pilates is ideal for those of you who want to take a holistic approach, which will decisively improve your life, by making you more functional, minimizing injuries and improving posture.

Sweat Pilates

Is it possible that up until now you used to think that aerobic and Pilates are two totally different ways of exercising? We challenge you to reconsider!

Sweat Pilates is a continuous program of dynamic exercises that aims to improve the cardiorespiratory system and physical condition.

The Sweat Pilates practice is based on the fundamental principles of Pilates, rendering it the safest high-intensity workout. This way you get both the benefits of aerobic exercise and those of Pilates with a variety of exercises for every level, that focuses on the stabilization of the joints and the strengthening of the “core”.

All you have to do is follow the rhythm of music and let endorphins star in this hybrid type of Pilates that will leave you sweaty and ready to come back again for some more action.

Exercises with jumpboards and springs will improve the cardiovascular system, test your endurance and “upgrade” the coordination of your limbs.

Sweat Pilates classes are ideal for practitioners who are already familiar with practicing on machines and feel comfortable switching exercises at a faster pace.

Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates

Either you are currently experiencing the unique period of pregnancy either you just gave birth, we are here for you! Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates was developed to support the woman in every stage of pregnancy, but also for the important period of restoring the body to its initial functionality afterwards.

In mema Pilates studio we offer a safe and supporting environment, that will give you the necessary resources to enjoy the pregnancy period as much as possible, but also to prepare your body, to better respond during childbirth but also to all physical requirements that will come later, eg lifting the baby frequently.

Prenatal Pilates, ie Pilates during pregnancy, focuses specifically on spine alignment, the good maintenance of the pelvic area as well as the prevention of abdominal distension. On the other side, Postnatal Pilates, focuses mainly on restoring the body after childbirth (normal or with C-section), but also regaining body consciousness and functionality.

Enjoy the tremendous benefits of Prenatal Pilates, always with the consent of your gynecologist.

Pilates Stretching

Flexibility is necessary not only for dancers or athletes, but also for those who want a functional body, without injuries and muscle “grips”. That means, for everyone.

The so-called prolongation of the body is not a myth, as when the muscles and the spine are stretched, the centimeters that may have been lost due to stenosis, kyphosis and chronic sedentary life, are gained.

The Pilates Stretching classes have been carefully designed, to improve overall the body posture, flexibility and blood circulation, while simultaneously provide relief from muscular back pains, tension headaches and stress.

The first part of the practice involves warming up the whole body and then a flow of gentle exercises follows, in coordination with the rhythm of breathing, releasing tension from each and every muscle. Your body needs this more than you can imagine.

Pilates Choreo

“Mixing” the basic principles of Pilates with the fluidity that governs dance, Mema Tsachaki created the Pilates Choreo to offer the body the benefits of both, having as a common point of reference the movement.

Pilates Choreo follows strictly the basic principles of Pilates, while is enriched with danceability, flow and creativity – the result of Mema Tsachaki’s years of experience in dance and Pilates.

Indulge in the rhythm of music, release the accumulated stress and “embrace” every emotion that this method will bring up.

Pilates Choreo is a demanding form of Pilates, since the coordination of the breath, the movement & the music is a prerequisite. It is recommended to practitioners that are already experienced with Pilates equipment and are familiar with the correct technique of the exercises.

The Pilates Choreo is only available at mema Pilates studio

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is the most therapeutic version of its original form. Having as its “foundation stone” the basic principles of Pilates, it focuses on musculoskeletal problems, injuries or peculiarities of the body that need to be addressed with a specialized approach. For example, by strengthening the deep muscles of the torso, ie the “core”, the stabilization of the body is improved and chronic pains in the waist, back, neck or hips are eventually restored.

To begin with, it is important that these classes are conducted individually, so that the Pilates exercises are 100% adapted to the pathology of each practitioner. Afterwards, based on the instructor’s evaluation, the practitioner can gradually join the appropriate small group. Thus, the necessary space and time is created for the instructor to evaluate the problem and the needs of the practitioner and deal with it holistically.

Clinical Pilates is addressed to everyone, regardless of gender or age.

Pilates Online

Or, alternatively, Pilates mat at home with gentle but also intense exercises for every level and every goal.