Pilates Online

Yes, Pilates can have a spot in your demanding everyday life, and now you can do it from wherever you are! The online Pilates classes involve a wide range of matwork exercises- performed on a mattress (mat) and are carried out through the Zoom platform.

The mema Pilates studio gives you the opportunity to participate in online Pilates classes, which are interactive and 100% supervised by the instructor, who suggests modifications of exercises according to your level and remarks – elements that add value to your workout and contribute to the safe and beneficial practice of Pilates.

Pilates matwork is the primary form of exercise introduced by its founder, Joseph Pilates, and an important prerequisite for a smoother transition from the mattress to the machines. The exercises are controlled, gentle, but also of high intensity that aim to improve the overall strength, alignment and flexibility of the body, while promoting orthosomy, self-concentration and coordination of the limbs.

All courses are designed so that no props are needed, however sometimes some equipment may be included in the course, even with items you already have at home (eg towels).

* Online Pilates classes can be held in groups or personal.

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