Mema Pilates Studio

The mema Pilates studio is located in Nea Kifissia. A minimal space of industrial aesthetics, which offers the most modern equipment with the signature of the famous American company Balanced Body. All machines have excellent spring quality (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair), thus ensuring the same resistance throughout the movement.


One of the most important pieces used for Pilates equipment. It is a wooden multi-machine, anatomically designed, to utilize resistance technology in order to strengthen the body and improve muscle imbalances. It consists of a portable unit of horizontal movement, springs and pulleys and is used for exercises for the whole body.


The biggest Pilates machine, consisting of a wooden base covered with a mattress. It resembles a table, having vertical axes, that in different places integrate additional components / micro-instruments (trapeze bar, push through bar, breathing bar), this way offering a variety of exercises for the whole body.

Wunda Chair

You got it right! The Wunda Chair is a small piece of equipment that resembles a chair. It offers a wide range of strength and balance exercises for all muscle groups. Its differentiation lays on the vertical movement and, as with all machines, the difficulty of the exercise depends on the corresponding resistance used. It is the least common Pilates machine, but also one of the most demanding.

* In the Pilates studio there is a dedicated area where you can change and leave your personal belongings.

* Classes are held in small groups (2-5 people) or individually.