mema Pilates Studio​ Athens

mema Pilates Studio​ Athens

mema Pilates Studio

In 2018, Mema Tsachaki’s vision was transformed into the Pilates studio she had always dreamed of. An industrial space, in Nea Kifissia, a meeting point for the body and the mind, as well as an ideal starting point to experience a transformative Pilates experience based on your personal needs. Welcome to the mema Pilates studio!

Mema Tsachaki

Pilates Instructor Balanced Body NYC – Fitness Coach – Owner

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The courses are conducted strictly in small groups, which are composed after the necessary evaluation of each practitioner. Our goal is for each group to consist of students who have the same needs, so that everyone evolves to the 100% of their potential, all following the same exercises in sync. For this reason, some personal introductory courses are required that will give the instructor the opportunity to know exactly the needs and goals of the practitioner.

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